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Air Export


The operation is shown below:

1/ Generally shipper’s handover the cargo at our warehouse or at the airport. If the shipper wants us to transport the goods, only than we pickup the cargo from shippers premises.

2/ We pickup the documents (accompanying docs) at least 12 hours before the flight schedule. But we pickup of export documents at least 48 hours before, if given the responsibility of export custom clearance.

3/ Export custom clearances takes only about 3-4 hours, if there are no discrepancies in the documents.

4/ If we keep the cargo in our warehouse we do labeling there. If we hand over the cargo directly to airlines in then we do labeling at airport.

5/ The airlines always prefer to takeover the cargo 24 hours before flight departure to keep in their custody, which airlines refer to as cooling period. But this timing is not maintained all the times. Docs and cargo can be handed over to airlines 6/8 hours before of flight departure.

6/ The whole process may take 48 hours, which includes processing of the doc by customs. After custom clearance, we have to obtain gate pass from airport security and the Biman authority before handing over the cargo to carrier and at the same time airlines check weight and measurement. After completion of the foregoing formalities the cargo is handed over to airlines.

ULD Loading : Our airport staff load the cargo in bonded area under
supervision of airline people.