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Ocean Export

The operation is shown below:

1/ Generally shippers handover the cargo at our warehouse or at CFS at Chittagong port. If shipper wants to use us for local transportation, only than we pickup the cargo from shippers premises.

2/ We pick up the documents at least 12 hours before handing over the cargo at our CFS or carrier at Chittagong port, if the shippers give us responsibility for processing export custom clearance.

3/ Export custom clearance takes only about 3-4 hours, if there are no discrepancies in export documents.

4/ After custom clearance we hand over the cargo to shipping lines, to get the connection to our projected vessel.

5/ We load the container under supervision of our port staff only when the full consignment is handed over to us.

6/ For consolidation, some times we hold the cargo at CFS, and in that case we take the necessary approval from concerned parties.

7/ For sea freight, all accompanying documents are sent to concerned parties through courier service. Some times we surrender the ocean B/L to carrier here, so that delivery can be taken from the carrier at the destination without submission of any original Bill of Lading.

8/ We always take Vessel approval from consignee when we receive any booking from Shipper to avoid any discrepancies and better understanding.